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E-book of 101 Ways to Save Money


101 Ways to Save Money

Finally, at a time in our lives when our budgets are stretched tighter than ever before
comes valuable advice on how to make our dollars go further. 101 Ways to Save Money will enable you to:

  • Save hundreds of dollars on credit card purchases.
  • Save thousands of dollars on restaurants.
  • Learn the “dilution solution” that can save you money on everything.
  • Find ways to make extra cash.
  • Cut your utility bills.
  • Gut your transportation costs.
  • Slash your entertainment costs.
  • For anyone who’s ever not had enough money or needs to get out of debt, this book’s for you. 101 Ways to Save Money is packed full of ideas,
    suggestions, tips and techniques that can put you on the path to a successful financial life.
    — “This book can pay for itself hundreds of times over!”


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    101 ways to make money & score BIG on eBay!

    Whether you’re just starting out on eBay and you want to join in on the bargains or you’re a seasoned pro who’d like to increase
    your sales even more, 101 ways to make money & score BIG on eBay! is for you. This book will show you how to:

  • Win items for the lowest possible amount
  • Sell items for above average prices
  • Develop and keep a 100% positive rating
  • Turn auction problems into opportunities
  • Navigate the entire auction process from finding an item to shipping it to the highest bidder
  • Save time by providing you with pre-made drafts for auction listings, end of auction emails and more
  • The author has eBay’s highest feedback rating (100%) and has had sales of over
    over $150,000 on eBay. He has made over $1,000 in a single transaction on an
    item picked up at a garage sale. Here in this book, an internet auction veteran with
    over ten years of experience on eBay shares his secrets for bargain hunting and
    high profits. 101 ways to make money & score BIG on eBay! is packed full of
    ideas, suggestions, tips and techniques that can help put you turn your cash flow from a trickle to a flood!

    E-Book of 101 Ways to Make Money and Score BIG on eBay


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    101 Ways to Save Time!

    Finally, at a time in our lives when we’re busier than ever before comes valuable advice
    on how we can reclaim our precious time. This book will enable you to:
    Free up days per year, hours per month, and valuable minutes every day.

  • Maximize your sleep hours and reduce your overall time in bed.
  • Learn about the “dilution solution”.
  • Discover the power of the cumulative effect of “second savers”.
  • Find out about the TOP FIFTEEN areas where most people can save time.
  • Think back to when you first moved out on your own. You probably started out with a small apartment and very few possessions.
    You had a place that took virtually no time to find anything in or to clean up, and you had a lifestyle that
    wasn’t loaded down with time robbing activities. What happened? In this book you’ll find 101
    ideas on how to save time along with methods to simplify both your life and your abode. You’ll
    learn to conquer time robbers and regain control over your time.

    The author has spent over two decades developing time saving techniques in
    the busiest job in America – Air Traffic Control. This time critical profession often
    requires over 100 decisions per minute. He has volunteered as an EMT, another time critical occupation, where seconds can
    mean life or death. His precision time scheduling allowed him to take many novices to
    their personal high points in a mountain guiding business he started. And he has been a nationally ranked sub 24-hour 100-mile



    E-Book of 101 Ways to Save Time


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    101 Ways to Modify Land Cruisers & Other SUVs

    Whether you want to take your vehicle on extended backcountry expeditions or just make it stand out
    and look like its ready for adventure, mountain guide Mike Wood shows you how to:

  • Build a combination sleeping platform/storage compartment that will allow as many
    as four people to sleep in the rear of the vehicle.
    sleeping platform photos
  • Add over a dozen additional storage areas to your SUV.
  • Prepare your vehicle for extended expeditions.
  • Modify your vehicle to carry 6-8 people.
  • Double up. From dual batteries and dual spare tires to dual radios, learn how to double your options.
  • The author has been involved in backcountry activities for over three decades. In 1998 he started Fresh
    Air Adventures mountain guiding service. A Land Cruiser owner of over a dozen years (and before that a Jeep owner), he has made over 100
    modifications to enhance his vehicle.


    E-Book of 101 Ways to Modify Land Cruisers and Other SUVs


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