Land Cruiser Sleeping Platform

Land Cruiser Sleeping Platform

Landcruiser Sleeping Platform Photos

To augment the article in the March, 2008 issue of Toyota Trails magazine, this pages features additional photos of
the sleeping platform. Also, due to magazine space restrictions, the article is not as easy to follow as the book is, since in the book
I was able to intersperse photos of each step of the procedure.

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Here is some additional information to bear in mind. The discussed platform is designed to provide as much sleeping and storage space as possible. In order
to achieve maximum width, the upper portion of the assembly must be inserted into the vehicle at an angle. This is easy to do with two people. And it is also
easy for one fit strong person to do by himself. But if you will never have anyone to help you with this or you don’t have much upper body strength, please
consider the following two options which will make things easier for you:

  1. You can make all parts (or at least the upper platform) out of 1/2″ plywood instead of 3/4″ plywood. This will reduce the weight by 50%.
  2. Instead of going for maximum width, simply downsize the width of the upper platform to the horizontal width of the rear opening. This will allow you to
    slide the upper unit in horizontally, which will be easier than having to put it in at an angle. This downsizing will only cause the loss of about one foot
    (in width) of sleeping area, which will still allow plenty of room for two or three people.

    This is what the assembled platform looks like when its not in the vehicle. The top boards
    can be folded back-to-back on themselves for storage in the garage.

    This is a photo of the platform installed in the vehicle.

    This is a closeup of the clasps that can be seen in the lower left
    and lower right of the previous photo. It allows you to lock the
    rear board with a padlock.

    The clasp consists of two pieces. One piece attached to the side
    support and the flexible piece that is attached to the rear board.
    This photo shows just the side piece.

    This is a photo of the platform with two Thermarest mats for sleeping.

    This is a similar photo but with the tailgate up.

    This is a photo of a storage bin being slid under the rear
    compartment. Two of these will
    fit perfectly side-by-side.

    And a slightly different view.

    And one more angle of the back of the platform. I’m holding the
    rear board that folds down up so that you can see straight in.
    Notice the horizontal pieces that are notched to fit the cargo

    Now let’s go to the front. These are the hinged boards that support
    the front of the platform. They are folded out in the support
    position. The platform is folded back and doubled over on itself.

    Now here’s one with the left side (driver’s side) folded in.
    I’m holding the front of the platform straight up in this photo.

    This one is of the right side (passenger’s side) folded in. The
    front support is folded back over on itself.

    Now here’s what they look like when they’re both folded in. Notice
    the vertical boards on the sides are cut at an angle to match the
    rear seat back when it’s folded back up.

    Here’s one of that area looking straight down at it. You can see
    the side support folded in.

    This shows one of the front storage bins in place. Two of these
    will sit side by side.

    This is a closeup of the front part of the platform meshing with the
    rear seat. Notice the notch that meshes with the rubber bushing.

    This shot shows the front part of the platform folded flat
    on top of the front supports. Notice the notches along the edges. These
    mesh with rollbars and with the basket cage on the roof. Also notice the
    4″ x 2″ oval holes towards the middle on the platform. These serve
    as handholds to help lift the platform into place and to move it around
    when it is folded up for storage.

    This is a photo of of that same front section in the process of being
    folded back on itself. Once it is folded back and the base supports
    are folded in, you can set the rear seat back up.

    In this photo, the front board has been folded completely back.


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