Trinidad Head Loop-D-Loop

3rd Annual Trinidad Head Loop-D-Loop. Come join us Saturday, December 14th at 8 AM. Each loop is approximately 1.02 miles. So do six loops for a 10K, thirteen for a half marathon and twenty-six for a full marathon. Each loop also has approximately 240′ of elevation gain. This is not an official race, so no aid, awards or registration. Just come out and join other motivated runners.

2nd ANNUAL TRINIDAD HEAD RUN, WALK OR HIKE GATHERING (Dec 15th, 2018). Notes: One of those days that’s just pure joy. Beautiful race on Trinidad Head today. The blow hole on Grandfather Rock was firing and you could hear the sea lions barking on every loop.

Thanks to everyone who came out. Here are the results I have thus far:
Jasper Sage – 3 loops
Dawn Durbin – 5 loops, 1:05:30
Yolynn St. John – 5 loops, 1:08:10
Kit Meyer – 5 loops, 1:08:10
Tom Martin – 6 loops, 1:10:12
Sarah Sanders – 8 loops, 1:28:00
Tahhia Campbell – 8 loops, 1:37:19
Cortney Kours – 10 loops, 1:42:53
Jessi Bream – 10 loops
Lindsey Thomas – 10 loops + partial lap, 2:05:00
Jazman McGinnrs- 10 loops + partial lap, 2:05:00
Alicia Mengel – 11 loops, 2:17:33
Sadie Alves – 11 loops, 2:17:33
Tanya Trump – 13 loops (1/2 marathon), 2:49:59
Alex Alvarado – 13 loops (1/2 marathon), 3:24:58
Aaron Stacy – 20 loops, 4:11:00
Mike Wood – 26 loops (marathon), 4:52:34
Sarah Kingstrom – 26 loops (marathon), 6:30:00
Troy Allen – 34 loops, 8:00:49
Strava says 8,764′ of elevation gain and my TomTom says 14,232′ (for 26 loops).
Cortney Kours is the new record holder for 10 loops. Sarah Kingstrom is the new female marathon record holder. Troy Allen is the new record holder for most miles on Trinidad Head (34.53). Also, Troy’s Garmin said 7,502′ of elevation gain for 34 miles.
Trinidad Head runners (minus Sarah Sanders & Troy Allen)

After finishing 26 loops
Trinidad Head Inaugural Marathon. Nov 5, 2017
It was still raining at 7:30 AM with a forecast of a 90% chance of rain until 1 PM. So I wondered if anyone would show up (including myself)! Surprisingly ten of us showed up. Conditions ended up being much better than predicted and we only had a light rain for about an hour out of the 5+ hours I was there. There was heavy cloud cover or rain so there were a lot of GPS dropouts and mileage may appear shorter than actual. I remeasured the elevation gain with an altimeter watch and came up with 270′ per loop or 5,670′ for the full marathon.
Yoland St. John: 2 laps for 2.5 miles in ?
Dawn Durbin and Kit Meyer: 4 laps for 5 miles in 1:14:00
Tahinia Campbell: 5.5 laps for 6.88 miles in ?
Shawn Magnuson: 7 laps for 8.75 miles.
Steve Walston and Matt Hodgson: 8 laps for 10 miles in 2:07:00
Tom Davies and Mike Wood (tied for first place and course record holders): 21 laps for 26.2 miles in 5 hours, 11 minutes and 33 seconds. I think Tom could have easily surged ahead but he held back to stay with me.